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Whether you are an NDIS Provider or an Allied Health or Medical Clinic, Providendis is the management solution for you. By eliminating what you don’t need and focusing on streamlining what you do, Providendis will help you make the best of your practice at the best rates. 

What You Will Get


Providendis is based on actual case studies the showed what NDIS Providers or Practice Managers want in a management solution.

Streamlined User Experience

Your management system should be there to make your job easier, not more complicated. Providendis achieves this by creating a clear user journey from the point the client comes into your practice.

Easy Reports

Providendis allows you to generate all the reports you need, whether to submit claims or organise timesheets.

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It's easy for you to find the information you want intuitively. You don't need to go through unnecessary hoops and runs to get a piece of data that you are looking for.


Unlimited users, unlimited clients, unlimited everything in one simple formula.


We are designing this with the smaller providers in mind. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars a month to fulfil your reporting obligations or to run your business.

Providendis is Based on Study

Our studies and talks with dozens of NDIS providers and practice managers have helped us understand what they need in a management solution. Unfortunately, most of the softwares and cloud solutions that we have reviewed have too many bells and whistles and not enough core functionality. We have received the following complaints that we are working to remedy:

  • Too expensive: Some programs charge you per user or per staff member. As your practice grows, this simply becomes way too expensive, and by the time you realise this, it will be too difficult to switch management solutions. 
  • Too complicated: Some of the softwares we reviewed showed that users had to go thorugh many pages and do many things in order to get to something that they should’ve had from the get go.
  • Too many features, not enough of what is needed: Some providers complained that they barely used 20% of what their software offered, and they had to rely on other softwares or documents to actually fully run their business. 

Providendis will solve all this and more!

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